Back Pain Relief Without Surgery


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Non Surgical Back Pain Relief


If you are lucky enough to try this treatment, your life could be changed forever.


Is That Crazy?

It might be…Until you talk to some of our patients and hear their life changing stories.

When they came to his office, many were miserable, facing a surgery or were just tired of hurting.

Most of them tried many options…shots, therapy, pills, even surgery with little or no improvement. It is easy to lose hope your back pain will improve and you will enjoy life again.


The Non-Surgical Answer

Our team of Providers has developed a non-surgical back pain treatment program available in Central Oklahoma and people with back, hip or leg pain can’t seem to get it fast enough.

“The response has been incredible. When people find out this FDA cleared painless treatment, has no side effects and takes only minutes, they want to give it a try”, states Dr. Ellis, D.C.


The Amazing Back Pain Treatment

How does this Decompression Therapy Back Pain Treatment work? It is non-surgical, feels good, requires no hospitalization and takes only minutes..Our Decompression Back Pain Relief Program easily takes the pressure off the discs and nerves causing your pain. Allowing them to heal naturally.  As this happens, you will have less pain, more movement and enjoy life like you did before the back pain.


Decompression therapy for chronic neck and back pain has helped thousands of patients when all other conventional treatments have failed.

  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Safe and painless
  • Is not a treatment that you have to do repeatedly over the course of your life
  • Uses FDA approved equipment




It Is Very Important That You Don’t Wait-Here is Why

  Clinical experience shows that the sooner you receive treatment in many cases dangerous surgery  might be avoided.


How Do I Get It?

  Pick up the phone now and call 405-378-3400. Tell our scheduling specialist you want your Free Back Pain Consultation she will know exactly what you are talking about.

This may be your best or last chance to possibly have your back pain gone.  It would be a shame if you missed your opportunity.


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Back Pain Relief Without Surgery


Is Decompression Therapy Right For Me?

Having performed over 12,700 individual treatments since 2002, many other doctors across the United States frequently seek the advice of Dr. Ellis in the use of these treatments and management for their own patients.

7 Reasons to choose our Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

1. Painless treatments
2. Achieves long lasting results for chronic back pain sufferers
3. No hospitalization required
4. No dangerous side effects
5. Disk decompression therapy only a few minutes a day
6. Non-surgical solution for chronic back pain

If you’re still unsure take advantage of our Free Consultation New Patient special offer: