Tingling, Burning, Numbness In The Feet Or Hands, Loss Of Balance, Restless Legs Those Are Symptoms Of  Neuropathy.

A Local Clinic Provides FDA Cleared Treatments That Has Been Proven To Help Relieve Or In Some Cases Eliminate The Burning, Numbness And Tingling In The Legs, Feet And Hands.


Neuropathy can be dangerous and make someone miserable. Thankfully there is hope. Yes, there is a safe treatment that requires no surgery or medication that has helped relieve Neuropathy symptoms for many years. However, for people with Neuropathy it is important to treat the nerves before they become 85% damaged.

Why Most Treatments Do Not Work

For most people, doctors give them medication to cover up the symptoms. They don’t “heal” anything. In some cases the nerves can continue to deteriorate. Many times they simply don’t work and can have dangerous side effects.  Many times they are told to “just live with it.” We hear this everyday.

                  If Someone Answer Yes To One Of These They Are Eligible For A Private Nerve Screening?
Numb Burning Feet/Hands
Loss of Balance
Painful at Night
Difficulty Walking
​​​​​​​Leg Swelling
​​​​​​​Painful Feet/Legs ​​​​​​​

Oklahoma Neuropathy Clinic provides non-surgical, FDA cleared treatments that have helped thousands reduce or eliminate their neuropathy pain even restore their balance and coordination. 

How Does It Work?
These treatments can help to restore, stabilize and allow nerves to heal by increasing blood flow, stimulating small nerve fibers and decreasing pain.  The treatments are painless and take only a few minutes.​​​​​​​
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a clinically proven treatment with decades of research, that involves the injection of extremely concentrated platelets that are used to speed up the process of healing injured tissue and nerves.​​​​​ To learn more about PRP click on the video below

Platelet cells are naturally delivered by the body in a first response to a soft tissue injury.  These platelet cells begin the healing process. These regenerative cells in your blood contain healing and growth factors which begin the healing process and attract powerful healing cells that are a critical component of healing. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy from Oklahoma Neuropathy Clinic in Oklahoma City delivers a higher concentrated amount of platelets directly to the nerves in your feet and legs, The damaged nerves “soak up” these healing platelets and the healing process begins. With this, the damaged, inflamed nerves can begin to heal and the nerve symptoms can be reduced or sometimes totally eliminated.
​​​​​​​It Is Very Important To Treat The Nerves As Soon As Possible
Our Providers have performed thousands of procedures since 1999 and clinical experience shows that if nerves become 85% damaged, there is little we can do to help.
How To Get It?
 Oklahoma Neuropathy Center located at 10317 Greenbriar Parkway 73159 in Oklahoma City would like to invite you to a private screening if you are curious, to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.  Just call 405-896-2645 right now and tell the receptionist to schedule a “Private Nerve Severity Screening.”​​​​​​​

 We can only accept 20 new patients each month when our schedule is full there will be a waiting list so if interested call now 405-896-2645.
If it is after hours or the weekend call now. The answering service will time stamp the call and we will reserve a spot as one of the 20 people for this month. Our office manager will return the call the next business day. .

The screening will take 30-45 minutes…all questions will be answered and leave knowing if you are a candidate.